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We differ from other companies in the way we conduct our tours.  You’re equipped with both a driver and a guide to ensure the best quality of service which means that your tours are structured in relaxed way that allows you time to properly walk the ground to absorb the sites without feeling rushed; we’re on your time! You’ll enjoy a private, catered walk-through glimpse into the history of this rich region.


Mark Lane

American historian, Mark Lane, is the former director at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas, which houses one of the largest World War II combat collections outside the holdings of the US military. Mark’s presentations cover the facts and figures with breadth and depth, and he enjoys focusing on the experience of the war from the perspective of a typical American soldier, which gives the historical information a more personal touch. He relates the specific D-Day events to the broader scope of the war.


Mark enjoys customizing itineraries to suit the particular needs, backgrounds and interests of his clients; and he encourages emails and phone calls prior to meeting so that he can make his tours both personal and memorable.


Marie Coquelin

Marie Coquelin has always garnered a passion for Norman history. Originally a high school English teacher and international exchange adviser for her school for 20 years, she discovered a passion for history and touring by guiding her international exchange students throughout the region. She has been guiding full time for the past 8 years, taking particular interest in the D-Day beaches and the Mont Saint-Michel. Her interactive and energetic tours are presented in the full spectrum of events at each major site and she enjoys showing clients the lesser-known aspects of each site.



Geert Van den Bogaert

Geert Van den Bogaert  mission is to create a life-changing experience that reveals the true meaning of a cherished one’s service and sacrifice in Normandy during WWII through offering in-depth personalized archival, on-the-ground research, and a first-rate tour service.


In 2007 Geert was selected to become a US Government employee with the American Battle Monuments Commission acting as the agency’s first interpretive guide at the Normandy American Cemetery. Among the significant individuals he has guided are Secretary of State John Kerry, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, US Ambassadors to France Craig Stapleton and Charles Rivkin, Secretary of the Army John McHugh.


In 2012 he created a non-profit organization that raised funds to help 10 American families who lost an ancestor in Normandy during WWII, travel to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of D-Day. He also  joined the WWII Foundation, a not for profit organization which aims to capture important WWII oral histories and then, as part of its 501c3 mission, donates them to American Public Television (PBS), schools and libraries nationally.


Sean Claxton

The tour with Sean Claxton is a conversational tour. He will adjust the tour to your level of interest. Sean has been guiding on the D-Day beaches since 2004. He grew up in the heart of Norfolk, England, and from a very young age, was surrounded by World War II history. His childhood home had several disused airfields within a short cycle ride. His two grandfathers participated on the Home Front, one in the Auxiliary Air Force, the other in the Home Guard. Two great-grandfathers also served in the First World War, in the Dardenelles and in France.

From an initial interest in the hardware- the aircraft and the tanks, Sean became further interested in how the strategy and tactical side of the war. His interest developed quickly into an expertise on the subject.


Driver guides

Our knowledgeable driver guides have been trained to present the major D-Day sites and surrounding Normand cities and are experienced and extremely friendly. They will assist the client in all ways from reserving a restaurant to helping research an individual veteran’s heroic journey made in 1944.

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